Workshop 2024


Ohad Talmor


David Virelles


Eric McPherson


Chris Tordini


Jim Black


Steve Cardenas


Cortona Jazz Workshop


Cortona Jazz Workshop was started in 2018. It o ers students from all over the world the opportunity to experience 4 days of highly interactive and immersive workshops and master classes under the tutelage of 4 internationally renowned Jazz musicians coming from the USA and Europe, taking place in Cortona, a historical city located in the heart of Tuscany.
The 4 days long workshop features an in-depth immersion into the practice of the contemporary Jazz tradition with a special emphasis on composition and lives performance.
During the day, the students will be playing and interacting with the faculty in small groups for a total of 5 hours. ey will work on creating and integrating an original repertoire as well as practice di erent techniques and facets of the contemporary Jazz vocabulary. eir repertoire will be performed during night concerts. ese concerts will also feature special projects perfor- med by the Faculty, all taking place in various sites through the city.
After the concerts, all students are invited to play at the Festival’s nightly Jam Sessions.
Teaching will be done primarily in English.

Cost is 500€

The cost for the workshop includes:
– 4 days classes consisting of 4 x 5 hours/day.
– Instruments provided for rhythm sections: guitar & bass ampli ers/pianos/drums.
– Lodging from July 3-6 (2-4 per
room/gender separated).
– Free admission to all concerts/live performances throughout the duration of the Festival.
– Breakfast and lunch included.